Trails and treasure hunts that inspire.

Exploria is a puzzle trail and storytelling platform for those who want to share and discover the world around them.

We have gamified the outdoors to bring true stories, trails, games, puzzles and mysteries into a fun and interactive experience. We call them Challenges. Select from more than 1m local stories to power your trail.

User Challenges

Discover, answer, earn and connect with a growing community to uncover your local area and places you travel.

Each Challenge contains a number of stops and helpful information where players can answer questions from their surroundings and local stories, earning points and badges for correct answers and stage completions.

Take a look at these examples in Sydney below. Can you create something fun in your area?

Middle Head Fort Challenge

Clifton Gardens to Taronga Zoo

Bronte to Bondi Puzzle Trail

Manly Wharf to North Harbour

Get out and about. Complete Challenges along with your friends and family, enjoy the outdoors and share your times and scores with others.


Calling Challenge Creators

Build your own local Challenges and puzzle trails with our 1m stories and gamification features to entertain people of all ages.


Challenges are physical trails with a number of stops and questions to answer that typically take between 1 to 4hrs to navigate and complete. Whilst they would be normally be walking trails, they can include riding and driving.  The Challenges link a range of interesting stories and visitation check-in points, where you can give short clues for your audience to find the answer and complete the Challenge successfully.


You can create puzzle trails amongst local streets, parks, monuments and any location which might have a story or even just a visual question to engage with.

Challenge & Puzzle Trail Use Cases

  • * Drive visitors and residents to explore new areas and public spaces
  • * Local stories, history & heritage walks that inspire learning
  • * Interactive walks and themed games that encourage people to be outdoors
  • * Murder Mysteries, Trivia and Scavenger Hunts
  • * Points leaderboards and badges earnt for participation, encouraging kids to be outdoors and active
  • * Fundraising events for local schools and charities
  • * Promotion of tourism businesses like guides, hospitality and accommodation
  • * Promotion of local businesses to drive awareness and visitation within the challenge

Download Exploria

The Exploria app is available to download on your Apple or Android smartphone and tablet. Just click on the button below that corresponds to your store and you can download in just a few seconds.