Stories & Mysteries

Introduction to Stories & Mysteries

Nearly every corner of the planet is rich in stories, and great storytellers. Join our community unearthing, publishing, sharing and discussing short historical stories and local mysteries waiting to be solved.

If you are a true story enthusiast or have curiosity about history, the Exploria platform will let you bring to life the great stories of our past. We welcome amateur writers, historical enthusiasts, students and people from all walks of life. You never know what you may help to solve.

Note that we are only interested in true short stories. Turn historical facts into rich observations and characters, but we encourage you to keep it short and link to longer form content in other places.

Don't be limited by the facts you can prove! We are not a research destination, but a destination that paints a picture with a story and we can then encourage the debate.

  • Write, publish and share your short stories
  • Write about a local mystery and invite others to help solve them with research and important information
  • Start a conversation and contribute to other writer’s stories
  • Pin stories to an exact location to be discovered
  • Linking related stories
  • Link to and promote other longer form content (where it is true!)

Start writing a story. A snippet of days gone by, tales of explorers risking it all to discover new territory or the history of those who have established and grown the very places we now call home.

What is a Mystery?

Mysteries are unsolved questions around a specific location that you want friends and others to help solve. It is about our collective mindset, so challenge the community to see what they know!

Mysteries might be small questions, such as who lived at a house, who is the person marked on a monument or larger mysteries such as crimes and key historical moments.

Once you join you can create a Mystery submission for our community and share on your social channels. Don't under-estimate the power of your local connections.


How are Stories used in Challenges?

Stories can be incredibly important to Challenges and give creators an anchor point around their Stops, to help audiences to find out what happened at that location and then potentially answer a question or puzzle based on it.

In locations where there is no longer any physical evidence (or very little), then Stories can be critical to Challenges as those Stops link to these Stories, where audiences must read in order to find answer.

What length should Stories be?

We aim for Stories to be 200-1000 words in length. We publish short stories so that audiences can engage with what happened at particular locations. Many audiences are interacting with Stories through their mobiles and through Challenges when discovering an area.

We have a field called Destination URL where you can refer audiences who are interested in longer form content such as an online article or book where an author goes into more detail. 

What is the importance of location to Stories?

Critical. All Stories need to have a relevant location as we help people to discover the things that have occured in particular areas.

It doesn't mean that all events occured in that location, only that it is relevant. For example, the short story of someone who is famous might be linked to the house they grew up in.

There be other relevant locations for this Story, which means that this Story can be Pinned also in another location which references that same story - allowing it to be found in both locations.

Stories can also be connected together, where there are links between them, such as specific events like a set of gang wars in the 1930s. You can link multiple Stories together so that it is easy for audiences to be referred to them.

Should I upload a picture with a Story?

Yes, we encourage all Stories to have pictures which are powerful for readers imagination. Particularly with historical content it is easy to find and source pictures today that enrich your Story and give audiences a much stronger connection.

If you cannot find pictures which related directly to the people or events you are referring to, then at the very least a recent photo of the location will help audiences who have not been there physically.

What is the Source / Copyright field?

This is an optional field for including any relevant information about your sources and copyright information that you would like to display next to your story. Note that old historical content is typically out of copyright and can be re-used, but if attribution is required then this is the place to do it. Pictures also have their own copyright field. Also make sure you read our terms when submitting content to ensure you have everything covered.

Can I add audio to a Story?

Audio can be added to stories to be used within the Exploria app, either as narrator to read out the story in place of the automated Text-To-Speech function or to include entertaining short interstitials which help bring your story to life.

Audio is not played in the Exploria website, just the app.

Can I promote true Stories from my book or online blog?

Provided they are true Stories and you can map them to a relevant location then absolutely. We would be happy to link and promote your longer form content, our job is just to help audiences discover the tales around locations and encourage them to become more interested in the Story.

The Destination URL field attached to each Story can be used to promote where your content is located or sold.